Unusual bikes set to make their mark at the IMGold MGP

Yuri Barrigan
Yuri Barrigan of Santa Cruz, California has long dreamt of racing in the Isle of Man, and in 2015 this dream comes true, with his successful entry into both the Newcomers C and Lightweight races.

In order to take part in both races, Yuri is bringing two Yamaha YZ450Fs with him from California. It is fair to say that this is more usually seen as a dirt or motocross bike, rather than a road racer, but Yuri has been concentrating on his Manx dream and believes his bike is more than capable of taking on the mountain course.  “This year I’ve been competing successfully at Sears Point, the Thunderhill raceway, Buttonwillow raceway and Laguna Seca,” says Yuri, “so now I feel it’s time to take on the Isle of Man.”  

Yuri says that it is unlikely that any spectator at the ‘Manx’ will have seen anything like his bike taking part on the road, or heard it’s very distinctive sound.  “I’m very excited to be coming to the Isle of Man, and lots of fellow competitors have told me that my bike is certainly going to cause a stir,” says Yuri, “but don’t worry,  it does meet all the specifications for entry.  I’ve proved myself as a rider and shown my bikes as machines to be reckoned with over the AFM circuits so all I can say is, please come out and watch me fly in the IMGold MGP Newcomers and Lightweight races this year.”

If you would like to sponsor Yuri’s trip to the IMGold Manx Grand Prix, he is one of the riders featured in the MGP ‘Back a Newcomer’ campaign, which offers practical support and advice to those who are competing on the mountain course for the first time.  For more information see www.facebook/MGPBackANewcomer

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