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Lightweight MGP 2014
There’s something very special about ‘the Manx’ as anyone who has raced or spectated here will tell you.

It’s that unmistakable, unmissable combination of high performance, high speed racing with a warm-hearted welcome - and it makes the Manx Grand Prix such an iconic Isle of Man motorsport event.

Its ninety-plus years of history have seen no end of road racing stars make their mark at the MGP, with many going on to become household names and successful TT racers. And there are many more for whom the MGP is the once-a-year opportunity to pace themselves against the demands of the mountain circuit, catch up with old friends and make new ones too.

Racing at the MGP is serious and hard fought. It has to be. But at the Manx that’s never at the expense of fun, friendship and an undefinable Manx spirit.

On these pages you’ll find all you need to know about the Manx Grand Prix, whether you are a racer or a spectator, whether from the Isle of Man or from further afield. There’s information on where to stay, what to do and, of course, how to get the most from your experience of the Manx Grand Prix

The MGP is an opportunity not just to enjoy the racing but also to explore everything else the Isle of Man has to offer, from unspoilt countryside to a wealth of history and cultural events.

Just click on the Visiting the Isle of Man page to get your trip to the Manx Grand Prix under way.

Information for newcomers to the MGP can be found here... Newcomer Info


The Manx Grand Prix – get your heart racing


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2014 Junior MGP – Billy Redmayne – Photo: Dave Kneen

2014 Senior MGP - Rob Hodson – Photo: Dave Kneen

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