Where to WATCH the MGP

3 years ago

The Isle of Man’s Mountain Circuit has a host of fantastic places from which to view the Manx Grand Prix...

👋 Welcome to the Manx Grand Prix!

The Isle of Man’s Mountain Circuit has a host of fantastic places from which to view the Manx Grand Prix.

Regular visitors will have their favourites, and certainly for some of the more popular viewing areas you will need to make sure you’re there in plenty of time to secure the place you want.

Please remember that there are certain areas where access is prohibited or restricted. This is for the safety of the riders, marshals and spectators so it’s vital that you pay attention to any warning signs or notices.

Full details of restricted areas will be published here before the 2015 event.

Some suggested viewing points would include the following:

•    The Grandstand

. With views across the start/finish line and the pits this is always worth at least one visit during the Manx Grand Prix. It’s a great spot to watch the riders preparing for the start, coming into the pits for refuelling during the race, or watching them hurtle past at full racing speed during a flying lap.

After the racing it’s also the perfect place to applaud the winners as they receive their trophies and laurels.

There are also refreshments, toilets and a range of merchandise on offer. An excellent place to watch the racing and plan your next stop along the course.

•    Creg-ny-Baa. A perfect position to watch as the bikes finish the mountain section of the circuit, flying past Kate’s Cottage, down towards this famous landmark and then on towards Brandish and the race to the start/finish line. Refreshments and toilet facilities are available here.

•    Parliament Square, Ramsey. An ever-popular viewing point as the bikes come into the Square, giving you a superb chance to see the machines and riders at close quarters before they power away through Ramsey and up to the famous Hairpin.

•    Braddan Bridge. This has a number of places from where you can watch the racing, and with refreshments on hand as well. There are a number of specially constructed viewing platforms (with an entrance fee) which give excellent views as the riders leave Douglas and head out towards Union Mills and Crosby.

With nearly 40 miles of road-racing circuit to choose from, there are many, many more places you can choose. Some have full facilities, and some have none at all. Wherever you go, please remember to obey any marshal’s instructions and pay attention to restricted areas.

The Manx Grand Prix – get your heart racing