Matt Stevenson Dinner Interview

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Matt Stevenson Dinner Interview
'Not bad for only my second time at the event.’

That was Senior race winner Matt Stevenson's verdict on his performance. The icing on the cake was also perhaps his 120mph lap during the race.

'It couldn't really have gone any better,'

said the 24-year-old from Ripon in North Yorkshire.

'I've done fewer than 30 laps of the course in total, including my race laps. You have to keep the belief that you can do it, but I had crashed at the Creg in the Junior with a 20-second lead so I knew I had to do it or I couldn't have lived with myself. I think it was in the third lap that I got the lead but it's a bit of a blur. It's an unbelievable feeling because I thought to have a chance of winning it would be a five to six year journey - even to be on the podium. It's been a quick learning curve.'
This year, he plans to race in the TT, Classic TT and the S100. 'All being well.'

Bikes lined up for this year's events are a Kawasaki ZXR750, BMW1000RR and a Yamaha R6.

'It's going to be a big jump up for the TT this year and there will be lots to learn. It's a bit like primary school really, isn't it? You get to the top then you start again right back down at the bottom again.'

Photo Credit: Jeff Kirby