MGPSC help newcomers with entry fees

Allan Brew and MGP 2017 newcomers
This year the MGP Supporters Club very generously donated £100 to every Manx Grand Prix Newcomer as a contribution towards their entry fee.

MGPSC Chairman, Allan Brew, attended the Newcomer briefings to personally present each rider with their £100.  

Allan commented “The future of the Manx Grand Prix lies with the Newcomers.  As a club we made a decision to support each Newcomer this year as we know how expensive it is to compete, as an amateur, on the TT Course.  We were obviously delighted to see Newcomers from all over the world making their debuts on the Isle of Man and hope their will return again to further the achievements they reached this year”.

The next fundraising event for the Supporters Club will be the Annual Mhelliah at the Sulby Glen Hotel on Saturday 14 October, when one of the items up for sale will be a voucher for a trip in a Course Car at the 2018 Manx Grand Prix.


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