Revised Schedule for Tuesday

David Quine. Photo Dave Kneen / Pacemaker Press Intl

11.30 Roads Close around the Course

12.00 Sure Junior Classic TT Race (3 laps)

13.40 Classic Racer Magazine Classic TT Retro Parade (1 lap)

13.50 Steve Plater Honda 6 Parade lap (1 lap)

14.40 Motorsport Merchandise Superbike Classic TT Race (4 Laps)

17.00 Roads open around the Course

18.00 Roads close around the Course

18.15 Manx Grand Prix Newcomers Race (A&B) (3 laps)

19.40 Manx Grand Prix Junior & Lightweight Qualifying (1 lap)

20.10 Roads scheduled to open around the course but no later than 21.00

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