Just over one week to go until MGP 2017

Photo: 2016 Junior Winner Andy Dudgeon. Photo Credit : Richard Martin

With just over a week until the start of practising for the 2017 Manx Grand Prix, the Manx Motor Cycle Club and their supporters are looking forward to seeing some close and exciting racing from the amateur riders competing on the world famous TT Course.

Riders will be travelling from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe to join competitors from the UK, Scotland, Ireland and of course the Isle of Man.

With last year’s winners having moved to the TT, it leaves the field open for perhaps an Australian win for Royce Rowe who starts the Junior, Lightweight and Senior Races at number 6 or it might be a Welsh win for PRF Rider Barry Lee Evans at number 2.  We cannot rule out podiums places for the Irish challengers, Andy Farrell, Davy Lumsden and Dennis Booth or previous local Newcomer winners Peter Wilkinson and Michael Evans who start at 16 & 17 in the Junior and Senior Races and Darren Cooper from Preston at number 3.

Practising commences at 17.20 on Saturday 19 August, with MGP races on Monday 28, Wednesday 30 August, culminating with the Senior Manx Grand Prix at 1015hrs on Friday 1 September. 

Photo: 2016 Junior Winner Andy Dudgeon, credit Richard Martin

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