Andrew Dudgeon wins inaugural MGP Graduate's award

Graduate Award

The Manx Grand Prix Riders 'Graduate’ award in memory of Billy Redmayne and Mal Mitchell-Thomas was awarded for the first time following the 2017 TT races to Ramsey rider, Andrew Dudgeon. Andrew, of course, won the 2016 Junior Manx Grand Prix and finished second to Tom Weeden in the Senior. He finished 14th in this year’s Supersport TT winning a silver replica at 103% of the winners' time.

The presentation, made by Jim Hunter on behalf of the MGP Riders Association, took place in the 38th Milestone after the Senior TT and was attended by Mal’s dad Kevin, Billy's family (Dave, Sue, Kerry and Leanne) and Billy’s girlfriend Hannah.

(l – r) Jim Hunter, Kevin Thomas, Dave Redmayne, Hannah Wright, Sue Redmayne, Kerry Redmayne, Leanne Redmayne

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