Rob Temple's Australian Adventure

Rob Temple Philip Island

Manx Rider Rob Temple was one of our Newcomers in 2015, coming 5th in the Newcomers B race and 19th in the Supertwin, he also collected to Bills/Harding Club Team Trophy with Les Miller and Ali Foster for team Andreas B riding for TC Racing Team who supported him.

In 2016 after he retired on the fourth lap of the Supertwin Race Rob was contacted by former Manx resident Chris McCausland who lives in Tasmania and he offered Rob a Honda RS250 to race at the Phillip Island Classic meeting.

Rob and Nicola spent three weeks in Australia in total, travelling down from Sydney to Phillip Island for the last weekend of their trip. They met up with Australian friends they’d met at the MGP, including Alex Pickett who was an ex MGP rider and won the Privateers Class for TC Racing in last year’s Classic TT Superbike race. Chatting to them about the Isle of Man and about the MGP it was great to see how much interest there is in the Isle of Man and the MGP.

The weekend was blessed with sunshine all weekend. Rob got some track time on the Thursday, followed by qualifying on Friday. He qualified in 10th for the 250cc New Era class out of a field of 20 so was happy with that, given it was his first time there. Two races were held on Saturday and Sunday. Race 1, Rob got a good start and finished in 3rd and then finished in 5th in the second race. Race 3, on Sunday was a 4th place, but missing out on 2nd by 0.06 of a second! Unfortunately, the last race of the weekend, Rob was a bit eager at the start and got a jump start penalty. He finished on the road in 4th but was dropped to 6th with the penalty. Overall Rob finished in 3rd place in class, behind Brett Simmons in second and Scott Sullivan in 1st.

Rob would like to say a Massive thanks to Chris McCausland who owns and spent a lot of hours to get the bike ready, Chris’ wife Ruth for the help while Rob & Nicola were on Phillip Island and to Dwayne who came for the weekend and helped out with the spanners and really helped Rob to adjust to a 2 stroke. Big thanks must also go out to all of the competitors from the Tasmanian Motorcycle Club with whom Rob shared a garage and made them both feel so welcome.

Rob Temple in action Down Under

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