Royce Rowe Team wins 'Best Prepared Bike' award

Royce Rowe and team

Bruce Anstey presenting the 'Best Prepared Bike' award to Royce Rowe.  Far left:  Peter Maddox, Chief Technical Officer.  Far right: Harvey Garton, Chairman, MMCC


Australian newcomer Royce Rowe (Number 58) and his mechanics were awarded the 'Best Prepared Bike' trophy by Bruce Anstey for his 650 Ducati this weekend.  

Rowe, who is from Adelaide, South Australia, is just 21.  He recently finished 1st solo rider in the Adelaide 3 hour Endurance race and as well as competing in the Newcomers B class, will also ride in the Supertwins race at number 55.  He is sponsored by BJR Products and Les Rowe and Associates.

This new award  - for the bike judged to be the best prepared of any bike competing in any class in the IMGold Manx Grand Prix by Chief Technical Officer Peter Maddox - has been presented by Peter Hindley, Manager of the Manx Workshop for the Disabled.

Bruce Anstey presents the award to Royce Rowe

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