MMCC welcomes Manx Grand Prix newcomers

MGP newcomers outside the Hailwood Centre at the Grandstand

The Directors and members of the Manx Motor Cycle Club have had a busy period welcoming potential Manx Grand Prix Newcomers to the Mountain Circuit.

Over two weekends some 42 riders from all over the United Kingdom & Ireland were joined by riders from France, Spain, Austria and Holland and introduced to the rigours of riding the world famous TT Course.

Accompanied by experienced riders and MGP Newcomers Liaison Officers the riders completed laps of the Course, attended a technical briefing on how to prepare their machines and met Officials of the races.

Supported by the Mike Hailwood Foundation, the weekends also provided Newcomers with the opportunity to make new friendships and experience the camaraderie which is legendary in the Manx Grand Prix paddock.

Entries for the Manx Grand Prix close on Friday 8th May and can only be made online here

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