Oilee Racing - New wizards from Oz?

Lee Allan (left) and John Chiodi
Irish-born Lee Allen is bringing his Oilee Racing team to the IMGold MGP this year - all the way from Melbourne, Australia.
Since emigrating in 2004, he has travelled to almost every TT and has brought Aussie mates over with him – but this is his first visit to the IMGold MGP as Oilee Racing, along with newcomer John Chiodi.
Oilee Racing, a motorcycle workshop based in the Melbourne suburb of Carrum ,  takes care of the administration, transport, accommodation and paddock support – with Northern Ireland-based road racer Aaron Boyd  preparing the bike,  and local road racing veteran Allan Brew providing rider liaison.
“As we are coming such a long way,” says Lee, “I know it was essential for John to have the best possible chance of success in the Newcomers A and Junior races.  By providing local back-up we have kept our costs to a minimum whilst making sure we start as we mean to go on – as a team to be reckoned with.”
South Australian rider John Chiodi has always dreamed of competing on the mountain course.

“I’ve been competing in Australia since I got my national licence in 2012 but every motor cycle racer’s dream is to compete in the Isle of Man,” says John, “so being selected to ride for Oilee Racing is the opportunity of a lifetime.  I’m treating the IMGold MGP races like I do any other race – analysing the track, working with the mechanics on the bike set up, assessing and minimising the risks - and then it’s down to practice, practice, practice!”

Lee Allan (left) and John Chiodi
Lee Allan (left) and John Chiodi


Lee Allen is well aware how important a good team is for riders who aren’t familiar with the course.
“John has a mature attitude and is a good bloke, and he fits well into our team,” says Lee.  “It’s up to us to give him the opportunity to learn the circuit as much as possible whilst we take care of everything else, and of course we will make sure his bike – a GSXR 600 Suzuki – is in top shape.”
And with the bike and mechanics currently in Ireland, John is spending his time in Australia glued to the Playstation and Youtube learning his way round the course and its many twists and bumps.  But of course nothing beats the real thing, so Lee is delighted that road racing and MGP legend Allan Brew is part of the Oilee Racing team.
“I’ve known Allan since sponsoring him at the TT in 2011,” says Lee, “and I’m thrilled that he is going to be part of the team.  John will undoubtedly benefit from his expertise.”
2015 might be Oilee Racing’s first attempt at the IMGold MGP but Lee says it certainly won’t be its last:  “We are already looking forward to 2016 and are planning to bring John Chiodi back to build on what we hope will be a successful event this year.  We are already looking at other riders with the intention of adding to our roster and my vision is that Oilee Racing will be a close link between Australia and the Isle of Man - the go-to team for Aussies wanting to make their dreams of competing in the world’s most famous road races come true.”
Oilee Racing is supported by Cafe Moto Australia and Get Routed and John Chiodi would also like to thank his local sponsor www.japanesemotorcycles.com.au

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