European & American Riders Feature in Early Entries Received

Wade Boyd

Three American and nine European riders are amongst the 200 plus entries so far received for this year’s Manx Grand Prix which take place between 16th – 29th August as part of the Festival of Motorcycling on the world-famous Mountain Course.

Five of them commenced their ‘Manx Careers’ in the Newcomers Races: Alfred Stark from Denmark finished 10th in the B Class in 2010 and went on to take 43rd in the Ultra Lightweight race later in the week.

Finland’s Tapio Mustonen took 12th place in the A Class in 2012 and then completed the Junior in 45th and the Senior in 32nd place. Returning in 2013 to finish in 25th in the Junior.

Miitri Suhonen also hails from Finland and he finished in 19th place in the A Class last year, whilst Kenny Hinck (Denmark) and Alan Cunningham (USA) both rode in the C Class last year although failed to finish the race. The American went on to take 20th place in the Lightweight race later in the week.

Wade Boyd (pictured), the well-known American has previously ridden on the Mountain Course and made his debut ride in the Lightweight Manx Grand Prix last year taking 15th place at the flag.

The third American is Texan Jason Montgomery who will have his debut race in the Newcomers A on a Yamaha R6, which he has entered to ride in the Junior Manx Grand Prix.

Vienna’s Christopher Eder has entered his KTM 125GP machine in the Newcomers C Race and also in the Lightweight Manx Grand Prix which takes place on Wednesday 27th August.

The other four, Erik Kjuus (Norway), Govignon Morgan (France), Andreas Psychogyios (Greece) and Wolfgang Schuster (Denmark) are all entered in the A Class of the Newcomers Race, with Govignon also entering in the Junior, whilst Erik and Andreas have entered the Senior with Wolfgang has put entries in for both the Junior and the Senior Manx Grand Prix races.

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